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courses as a physio in Switzerland.

A physical therapist never stops learning, almost daily new insights and techniques appear within our profession of physical therapy. When you are working as a physiotherapist in Switzerland, you want to keep up with the latest insights and knowledge of our field.

Because we believe it is important for our physiotherapists to continue to develop even when they are in Switzerland, we have partnered with TrustMe - Ed. With high-quality courses, TrustMe - Ed's platform offers a professional and complete solution to easily gain new knowledge as a physiotherapist.

At the time of writing, more than 120 online high-quality and evidence-based courses have been published. All courses have been developed and presented by leading scientists and physical therapists such as Jill Cook & Peter O'Sullivan. At least 2 new courses are published on the platform every month! Get 20% off by using the code TAKEOFF20 The courses are all offered with subtitles. Also in German, so it is also a perfect way to brush up on your professional language in German!

It is possible to take a monthly (€11.99) cancelable subscription or an annual (€119.-) cancelable subscription with TrustMe - ED. Through the partnership with TrustMe - Ed, physiotherapists receive a 20% discount on an annual subscription at TrustMe - Ed when you use the promotion code TAKEOFF20.

We wish you lots of learning fun!

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