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mobile phone subscriptions and internet in Switzerland

Updated: Feb 29

Once you've moved to Switzerland, you obviously also need a good and suitable new mobile subscription and or internet/wifi contract! To enable you to find the right new subscription(s) as easily as possible, has partnered with

alao's platform allows users to find and order their ideal mobile or internet subscription within 5 minutes, which is also possible with your foreign passport. The aim of alao is therefore to give you, the user, the opportunity to find and subscribe to the best suited and cheapest subscriptions as easily as possible.

What are the benefits of alao?

  • alao is easy and quick to use. Find your perfect subscription within 5 minutes. The whole process is digitised and customers can check and sign the contract digitally.

  • alao shows the best possible subscriptions. In collaboration with the best providers, they can show you at a glance the best subscriptions for your needs.

  • The best possible price. alao always offers the best prices on the market, allowing customers to save up to 60% by eliminating unnecessary costs. They also offer cashbacks on products in many cases in addition to alao special discounts.

  • They are a neutral and independent platform. alao's intelligent algorithms show the end customer the best possible offer, without giving preferential treatment to any of the providers.

  • Real customer feedback. View service provider reviews and comments from other users.

  • Excellent customer service. For any queries and/or support, they have an expert customer service team to help customers and manage problems during the ordering process.

Through the partnership with, physiotherapists do not have to pay activation fees and/or SIM card fees when using the discount code takeoff36.

Compare the best mobile phone subscriptions, internet and TV subscriptions in Switzerland here:

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