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Terms and conditions takeoff Physio Summit 15-02-24/18-02-24


Admission ticket 

  • The agreement between the Organization (Read: by Teunissen and van Dee KIG.) and the Visitor is concluded at the moment the Visitor makes a payment for the Event. A payment also means agreeing to the terms and conditions as described here. 

  • Upon payment, the visitor agrees that may contact them at any time regarding working in Switzerland or matters regarding working in Switzerland. Unless otherwise indicated by the visitor.

  • The Visitor cannot change or dissolve an agreement that has been concluded, unless mandatory provisions of law grant him that right.

  • the Visitor has a valid proof of identity and travel insurance during the event. 

  • The Organization reserves the right at all times to refuse acceptance of the Visitor to enter into an agreement or to dissolve an agreement if there are reasonable grounds for doing so (for example, if a Visitor has been denied access to Events due to previous circumstances), then to attach additional conditions to access to the Event.

  • A payment entitles one person to access the Event once.


  • Tickets are not refundable, but may be given/sold to other physios. Inform the organization about this. And the price should not be more than the price paid for it. 

  •  The Organization may attach further conditions to a permitted resale. These conditions may, for example, consist of a mandatory procedure to complete the transfer. 

  •  In case of violation of this article, the Organization is entitled to deny the buyer of the Admission Ticket access to the Event


Media and media equipment

  • During the Event, photo and film recordings can be made on behalf of (or with an accreditation from) the Organisation. The Visitor explicitly agrees that image and/or sound recordings are made of visitors to the Event on and around the Site and that these are distributed or exploited via all possible media forms.

  • The Visitor is permitted to bring photographic equipment intended for consumers onto the Site during the Event and to use it. Photographic equipment intended for consumers is understood to mean: digital compact cameras (with a normal and fixed lens), telephones with a camera and disposable devices.

  • Reprinting and/or copying from the program (booklet), posters, other printed matter and/or digital expressions of the Organization or the Event is prohibited without the express prior written consent of the Organisation.

  • The Organization is authorized to inspect whether any action has been taken in violation of the aforementioned articles. 


force majeure

  • In case of force majeure, the Organization has the right to cancel the Event in whole or in part or to organize it on another date.

  • The term 'force majeure' as referred to in this article also includes all unforeseen circumstances that have arisen through no fault or fault of the Organization such as; fire, government measures, strike, bad weather conditions, etc.

  • If the Event is canceled in full before the Event has started as a result of or in connection with force majeure, the refund scheme will take place. 



  • The Visitor is a consumer: The liability of the Organization is limited to compensation for direct damage, whereby the amount to be paid to the Visitor will never exceed the amount that the insurer of the Organization pays out in the relevant case. The Organization is never liable for indirect damage, including consequential damage, lost profit, missed savings and damage due to business interruption.

  • Entering the Site and visiting the Event is entirely at your own risk. The Organization is not liable for damage to or loss or theft of the Visitor's belongings.

  • Changes or deviations in the program that take place after purchase of the Admission Ticket do not entitle the purchase to be canceled (for example by dissolution or destruction) and therefore also not to (partial) refund of the purchase amount.



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