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Are you curious about what it's like to work in Switzerland, but you have questions? Or have you already made the decision and want to know what the next steps are? Then read on!

Fysiotherapie behandeling Zwitserland

ABOUT is a mediation agency that has been set up to guide foreign physiotherapists through the switch to Switzerland. We (Ben and Tijmen) moved to Switzerland a few years ago. Now we want to share our experience and knowledge to help you achieve the same! Our goal is to make the move to Switzerland as easy as possible for you.

Vierwaldstättersee Luzern
Tijmen van


 like challenges and always try to push my limits. That's why I rowed at a national level during my student days. Once I had finished my physiotherapy studies in Nijmegen, it was time for a completely new challenge. I found it in Switzerland, both for work and sports. 


I'm not a seasoned world traveler like Ben, so Switzerland presented me with the perfect challenge: a foreign language, a completely different environment and a new adventure on my own in a place where I didn’t know anyone. That foreign language was perhaps the biggest challenge, because I didn't speak a word of German when I moved. My biggest tip is therefore to at least start with a German course before you start your own Swiss adventure.

Ben van


I have been working and living in Switzerland since 2019. I like working in Switzerland, namely the relaxed working atmosphere but the lower work pressure is a nice bonus. It also strikes me that the appreciation of the profession of physiotherapy is higher here than in the Netherlands. For me, the nature and outdoor sports opportunities that Switzerland has to offer have been the biggest reasons to work and live here.


I grew up on the beautiful island Texel and in January 2017 completed my physiotherapy training at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. After I obtained my diploma I started working for a while at a Dutch practice to save for a trip in Asia.

Koeien op bergen in Zwitserland

WHY takeoff with US? is the only physiotherapist brokerage company founded by physiotherapists and based in Switzerland. Because we also work as physiotherapists in Switzerland, we have been able to build a strong network with relevant companies and organizations. As a result, we also have the necessary knowledge and experience needed to make your step to Switzerland easier. With our personal and individual guidance we can best support you in organizing your professional and personal life in Switzerland. It's a big step that takes a lot of effort. That is precisely why it is important to receive sufficient, good support during the start-up phase.

fysiotherapie baan Zwitserland

Finding the perfect job

contactpersoon fysiotherapeut Zwitserland

Contact person in Switzerland

Woning zoeken fysiotherapeut Zwitserland

Help with the house search

Fysiotherapie netwerk Zwitserland

Local network in Switzerland

Organisatie werken Zwitserland fysiotherapeut

Organizing peripheral matters

Fysiotherapie evenementen Zwitserland

Organizing events

hulp en ondersteuning voor fysiotherapeuten in Zwitserland

Help and support with all questions

Solliciteren fysiotherapeut Zwitserland

Help with applying

Fysiotherapie partnerschap met Zwitserlandse bedrijven

Partnership with Swiss companies

Bergen in Zwitserland

Why takeoff in Switzerland?

Switzerland is a very beautiful country with many opportunities in both nature and sports, and your income is typically higher than in any other country. It is only a few hours travel from the Netherlands and yet you are in a completely different environment. The country itself is very diverse: from palm trees in the southern part to glaciers and eternal snow at the top of the mountains. Other countries such as Italy, Austria, Germany and France are also within easy reach. In addition, each season has its own advantages: in winter you can ski while in summer you can swim in one of the many lakes

Goede werkomstandigheden en arbeidsvoorwaarden fysiotherapie zwitserland

Good working conditions and terms of employment

Fysiotherapeut salaris Zwitserland is goed

Good salary

Er zijn veel natuur en buitensport mogelijkheden in Zwitserland

Lots of nature and outdoor sports opportunities

Cultuur in Zwitserland

New culture

Vakantie gevoel voor fysiotherapeut in Zwitserland

Feels like a Holiday Year Round

Zwitserland is makkelijk bereikbaar

Easily accessible

fysiotherapie behandeling in Zwitserland


What sets you apart from other brokerage firms?

We are the only mediation agency specifically aimed at foreign physiotherapists that is located in Switzerland. We know, from experience, what it is like to take this step and because we are still so close, we know exactly what you do and don’t need.

 Are the mountains really that beautiful?



Schwan auf einem See

Partner Companies

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