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The salary of a physiotherapist in Switzerland

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

As most people will know, for most professions, wages in Switzerland are many times higher in Switzerland than in the most other countries. This is also the case for physiotherapists. A starting physiotherapist in the Netherlands for example starts with a gross monthly salary of €2,118 to €2,400, a newly graduated physiotherapist in Switzerland receives a gross monthly salary of €5,400 to €5,750. The gross annual salary of a starting physiotherapist, excluding 13th month, thus averages €70,000.

Salaris fysiotherapeut Zwitserland, loon fysiotherapeut Zwitserland
Gross annual salary for physiotherapists compared to other countries

As in the most countries the salary of a physiotherapist in Switzerland depends on experience and education(s). In addition, the canton where you work plays an important role in your monthly salary. Physiotherapists salaries in cantons Zurich and Lucerne are higher than those in Tessin and Waadt, for example, where physiotherapists receive the lowest salary within Switzerland.

On average, the gross monthly salary of a physiotherapist in Switzerland increases by an average of €100 to €150 per year of work experience. This brings a physiotherapist with 10 years of work experience to a gross annual salary of around €78,000 excluding 13th month's salary.

We often get the question, "Yes, you receive a better salary in Switzerland than in other countries, but everything in Switzerland is also much more expensive, isn't it?" That's right, life in Switzerland is more expensive, but with fairly normal expenses, experience shows that with a monthly salary in Switzerland you can save around €1300 to €2000 per month.


If you also want a nice monthly salary and adventure as a physiotherapist in Switzerland, contact us or have a look at the public job offers.

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